Security Governance

The objectives of the security governance team within the Information Security & Governance Department are:

  • To ensure that the content of the MITA Information Security Policy remains current, comprehensive and appropriately communicated. To manage the processing of requests for deviations from the MITA & GMICT Information Security Policy;
  • To ensure compliance with the provisions of the MITA Information Security Policy through scheduled Governance Checks on MITA managed processes and services;
  • To drive the identification of security risks and associated controls through the proactive execution of Information Security Risk Assessments;
  • To manage the identification and implementation of Security Improvements across the Agency;
  • To provide MITA and its clients with visibility on the security posture of environments forming part of the following domains:
    • Workstations
    • Segregated Hosting Environment
    • Hybrid Cloud Platform
    • Web Applications
  • To drive the implementation of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery controls for the Agency’s critical services in line with applicable international standards;
  • To perform ongoing vulnerability assessments on Government websites making use of MITA’s infrastructure and communicate associated reports to respective business owners.

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