MITA not only serves the Public Administration, it engages with society to encourage take-up of ICTs in the wider economy. Furthermore, it acts as a national asset during events of strategic and national importance.

The Agency collaborates with various government, national and international organisations to implement programmes eliciting the take-up of digital technologies. Various initiatives target different audiences. Special focus is placed on the adoption of emerging technologies through its Emerging Technologies laboratory. There is also emphasis on increasing the take-up of government digital services and in providing ICT professionals and students with hands-on digital experience.

MITA is often commissioned to provide technical and organisational support during national and international events of strategic importance, such as summits, seminars and conferences.

Consultancy, Research & Outreach

A strong ICT enabled economy implies a process of continual and disruptive change.  Long term digital economic strength depends on Malta’s ICT skills base evolving.

MITA is committed to sustaining a mind-set of outreach, with a strong focus on the ICT skills that are fundamental in a resilient ecosystem.

It works with partners to implement the policies, taxonomies, supporting frameworks, standards, incentives and resource demand / supply monitors that Government requires to foster future eSkills.

The aim is to increase ICT usage by students, businesses and civil society. The Agency targets audiences through projects and initiatives in 4 main areas:



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