Emerging Technologies Lab

The Emerging Technologies Lab is for MITA employees, government employees and students. Here, it is possible to learn what is on offer in new technology and disseminate that knowledge.
A number of hands-on activities and seminars are organised at the Lab throughout the year, to encourage discovery and learning. Participants can get acquainted with how various equipment is used.

Make your idea grow through the MY LAB IDEA initiative.

Learn how to tinker with these technologies. Start prototyping your idea here. We want to see the journey of your project!

The equipment already available includes a number of Virtual & Mixed reality headsets, Augmented reality headset, 3D printer, 3D scanner, Cloud Services, Powerful computers that can be used for blockchain systems, Leap Motion and Soldering and Microcontrollers equipment such as raspberry pi & arduinos.

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Discovery and learning on these technologies is promoted regularly through the organisation of several:

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Hands-on Sessions
  • Mini-courses
  • My Lab Idea

For collaboration or interest in the Emerging Technologies you can get in contact through: emergingtech.mita@gov.mt


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