Mobile Public Services Take-up

An awareness raising project to increase the take-up of online government services.
Malta continues to be a leader in the EU for the provisioning of eGovernment services. Despite having these services available for a number of years, the poor take-up by citizens still remains. These projects target the increase in usage of the different eGovernment services.
ESF 04.0072 – Mobile Public Services Take-up was launched by MITA in 2017 with the purpose of increasing the usage and take-up of Mobile Public Services usage.  This project followed after the previous ESF Project to reflect the new policy direction of having services accessible from mobile devices. This 3-year project had an EU grant of around €550,000 across three components. Mainly, training to 291 persons trained, a research study and an awareness-raising campaign on Maltapps, the servizz.gov website and two specific mobile public services.

The first research campaign was carried out in March and July 2018. The user-friendly report can be downloaded by clicking here.

The second research campaign was carried out in July/August and September 2019. The user-friendly report can be downloaded by clicking here

MITA was granted €330,000 for Public Services Online ESF4.243. This 1.5 year project aimed at increasing the citizens’ use of a number of eGovernment services. Based on feedback from the citizens, improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of Government were executed, through the achievement of more user-focused eServices. This project included three components, training to public officials so that they in turn encourage and empower citizens to use eServices, an awareness raising campaign on the availability of a number of eServices and a research study guiding the simplification of eServices through market intelligence.

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