Student Placement Programme

The Student Placement Programme (SPP) was an annual, mutually beneficial programme for ICT and ICT related students and employers of all sectors during the summer season. The programme aimed to reduce the mismatch between supply and demand for ICT skills in the Maltese labour market.  With the help of this programme employers could have a more diversified workforce as they employed new generations with new talents and a variety of ideas into their organisation.  Hiring of students brought about fresh perspectives and innovations, which could enhance productivity.  Employers also had an opportunity to find future employees through such programme.

Students who participated in the programme acquired necessary experience and skills required in a professional working environment.  A summer placement also bridged the gap between education and employment, giving students a head-start once they start their full-time employment.

In the last 5 years 2018 – 2022

Euros in students salaries

Placements for students during summer

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