Who can Apply?

All employers who can offer a meaningful ICT work experience to students, whether operating in the ICT industry or any other industry which utilise technology.  Employers can be coming from private sector, public administration and the voluntary sector.

Which students participate in the programme?

Students eligible to participate include all students studying ICT or related subjects.  The minimum entry level is for students who have completed 2nd year 6th Form (and awaiting examination results), as well as those students who have finished their 2nd year MQF Level 4 Diploma.

Why should my organisation participate? 

Students bring fresh and innovative ideas into your organisation, are very adaptable as they are still in the learning process and are used to overcome challenges regularly due to new assignments and exams.  Students should be considered long-term assets with the possibility of lessening the need of training and cutting down on recruitment costs once they graduate and become permanent employees.  Hiring students increases productivity as current tasks can be assigned to them leaving your full-time employees able to focus on the more essential tasks.

What are the financial benefits?

MITA will reimburse all employers after the students’ completion of the summer placement at the hourly rate established by the Students’ Maintenance Grants Board.  For employers who operate in the public administration and voluntary sector, MITA will reimburse 100% of the students’ basic salary. In line with the Government’s continuous support during the COVID-19 pandemic, for 2022, MITA will be reimbursing 75% of student salaries to private sector organisations. Important to note that students are entitled to pro-rata vacation leave, sick leave and Government bonuses – these are covered by the employer. 

How to apply? 

Application is done in two simple steps. Download the Letter of Intent and fill it in accordingly.  Once that is done, click on the Apply Now button, found both at the top and at the bottom of this page, and you will be redirected to our online application form. Follow the instructions on the form to complete your submission. One of the fields in the Form will prompt you to upload your Letter of Intent. Applications close on Monday, 4th April 2022 at 12.00pm CET.

When will the placements take place? 

The student placements run for 11 weeks during the summer period starting in July for a total of 330 hours.

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