ICT Budgeting
On an annual basis, MITA works with ministry Chief Information Officers to draw up ICT budget plans for government. This is as an integral part of the national budget planning initiative under the MFIN Budget Affairs Office. MITA works within the planning direction set by MFIN Budget Affairs to ensure full understanding of the financial demands that ICT places on government business. Extensive ICT budget requirements are compiled for the ministries and structured to fit the Government’s service programme commitments and future plans, meeting the technology direction of the time. Post the announcement of the National Budget, MITA further assists with prioritisation of new projects and is the liaison for requests for funding approval from MFIN Budget Affairs.


ICT Policy & Strategy

MITA serves as the digital driver for the Government of Malta. The Agency assists the Government in establishing ICT policy direction, its governance and implementation, both at a national level and for the Public Administration.

Data Centre & ICT Services

MITA provides efficient, effective and secure ICT infrastructure and services to government. It operates a Tier III Data Centre which hosts the vast majority of government information systems, including those critical for the operation of the Maltese Public Administration.

Engagement with Community

MITA not only serves the Public Administration, it engages with society to encourage take-up of ICTs in the wider economy. Furthermore, it acts as a national asset during events of strategic and national importance.

Information Systems

MITA delivers and manages information systems across government, providing the tools to the Public Administration to digitalise, reform and innovate.

Digital Security

MITA serves as the digital security consultant for the Government of Malta. The Agency provides measures to safeguard Government’s digital assets through a comprehensive risk management approach that ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. It is entrusted to extend this function to international-scale events organised by the Government of Malta.

Consultations & Management Services 

The Agency operates a business model based on entering into project and service contracts funded from national and EU programmes. MITA builds relationships with clients and provides them with a suite of management services.


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