MITA supports the Customs Department, under the remit of the Office of the Commissioner for Revenue. MITA’s role includes consultancy on process simplification, support for EU related systems and initiatives and implementing the main national customs systems.
For example, the electronic customs initiative (e-Customs) is a long-term programme undertaken upon by the Taxation and Customs Union within the European Commission (DG TAXUD) to replace paper-based customs procedures with electronic ones.
MITA delivers customs systems that have the latest technologies, defensive solutions, updates and features to support growing demand. It assists Customs to streamline and refine operational processes, in order to maintain efficiency and effectiveness in daily operations.

The current five-year programme, MASP Initiatives & National Modernisation of Customs Systems aims to achieve two specific benefits, which are based on the EU Multi Annual Strategic Plan (MASP):

  1. expedite software development and implement new projects identified by the Customs Department, delivering on EU obligations
  2. provide Customs and their authorised economic operators with software solutions that fulfill Malta and EU business requirements

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