ECMS – Enterprise Content Management System

MITA runs the Enterprise Content Management System, the underlying platform for hosting government websites. Through this system the rebranding took place. The platform serves as the content management system by which the Government provides information and services in an efficient and user-centric way. The platform has a branded custom layer on top of SharePoint, so as to facilitate and improve the delivery of government websites. To date there are more than 80 live websites with responsive design functionality.

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​Gov 2.0 Enterprise CMS

The SharePoint based Gov 2.0 Enterprise CMS is the underlying platform on which the Government of Malta developed the new, re-branded GOV.MT presence. The platform is used to deploy the Public facing websites through a sophisticated and branded content management system, enabling Government entities to provide information and services in a more efficient and user-centric manner. The platform is now being extended across all Government, to facilitate and improve the delivery of Government websites, offering citizens a truly user-centric approach to information and service provision while ensuring a consistent user experience.

The main objectives of the platform are:

  1. A central, unique and compelling branded web presence for all Government online services and information.
  2. A centralised multi-tenancy platform for the hosting of Government sites and sub-sites.
  3. Adaptability to address the needs of entities.
  4. Ability to place content on the website and publish rapidly.
  5. Federated search facility across all Government sites.​
The SharePoint Enterprise Content Management System (CMS) offers the added benefit of readily available GOV.MT branding templates and web parts (based on SharePoint 2010); appropriate for common public facing websites and to create a facade to more complex web applications.
The CMS aims to improve the Public’s eGovernment experience, by providing a centralised and branded framework, through which persons may search, discover, access and communicate with any eGovernment Service according to their needs and preferences.

The CMS delivers:

  • Aggregation of information and services into one single experience, achieved through a central, unique and compelling branded web presence for all Government on-line services and interactions;
  • Centralised multi-tenancy platform for the hosting of all Malta Government portals and sub-sites;
  • Readily available GOV.MT branding templates and web parts which addressing all common public facing portal necessities;
  • The address of Public Service and Public Sector entities identity as a sub-brand within their content pages and portals;
  • A Solution which is adaptable to address the needs of entities and which enables Government entities and employees to add and publish content rapidly.

Main benefits of the platform to government entities (Service Features):

  • Hosting and management of multiple websites in a multi-tenancy environment;
  • Content management tool providing features for creation of multiple sites and content authoring, including Announcements, Surveys/Polls, Articles, etc.;
  • Information aggregation, search facilities and web content publishing with approval workflows;
  • WYSIWYG web content editor;
  • Enables entities to put content in and publish rapidly;
  • Standard screen templates (blogs, forms, content page, news page, profile page, search, payment etc.);
  • Fully branded portal, site templates, page layouts and components;
  • Reporting facilities;
  • Enterprise scale search across all portal and user created sub-sites.
  • Low cost as it eliminates the complexities of procurement, awarding, hosting, etc.

Below please find the Content Management Guide and Style Guide.

Content Management Guide
Style Guide


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