The Common Database

MITA supports the Common Database (CdB), a major corporate initiative to enable common information sharing across all government entities.
The CdB holds information about persons, addresses, relationships between persons, streets, and councils. MITA consolidates this data from across different government bodies.
The CdB has been instrumental in aiding various entities such as Identity Malta, Police, Health, Social Security, Inland Revenue, Home Affairs, Benefit and Fraud Schools, Embassies, ARMS and the National Statistics Office. It also assists Enterprise Resource Planning (eRP), the Corporate Data Repository (CDR) and the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS).

The CdB has about 3000 users online with more than 120 departments accessing data directly or indirectly.

MITA, works in close collaboration with the Public Registry, to improve internal processes and modernise the legacy systems for recording Births, Marriages and Deaths. The “New Public Registry System (NPRS)” was implemented in December 2019.


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