Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP)

The Agency manages and operates the Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP). Based on Microsoft Azure, it has an on-premises component but utilises Azure’s cloud services seamlessly. The HCP is the Government’s hosting platform of choice for its applications. It allows authorised Government users full autonomy to deploy their applications in a self-service manner. The HCP is at the cutting edge when it comes to secure by design; it provides iron-clad security, complying to industry best practice and international ISO Standards. A core component of the solution provides government, business and consumers with identity aggregation and federation as a service to authenticate and authorise users securely and reliably. This is a critical building block to allow all clients of the solution to take the steps needed to deploy their own security policies and systems.
MITA’s HCP won a MCA eBusiness Award 2019 in the Excellence, Innovation and Leadership in Information Security category.

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