The Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) is the public entity vested with the responsibility to provide ICT infrastructure, systems and services to Government that leverage a modern digital ecosystem and contribute towards the definition and execution of the Government’s digital strategies that sustain a modern digital economy.

MITA, through the direction of the Office of the Prime Minister, collaborates with the Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary and Ministry CIOs to attain its mandated strategies and assigned projects.

The Agency is dedicated in assisting the Government in transforming technological innovations into real business solutions. Its unique approach combines an innovative array of ICT and project management services with focused delivery capabilities using tried and tested methodologies to help fulfil Government’s strategies and projects and maximise the benefits of investment in technology.

The Agency is a fresh, dynamic and knowledge-driven organisation thriving on the culture of being a cutting-edge IT services player. It inherited the strong legacy of its predecessors and has built upon the expertise of a mature organisation that makes it comparable to the best practices in the corporate scene

The above is reflected in MITA’s mission statement and reinforces the Agency’s pivotal role in the evolution of Malta into a world class information society and economy. MITA shall therefore continue to excel in providing ICT infrastructure and services, professional project management and consulting services to the Government.

MITA operates within a defined national ICT strategy, prioritising national ICT targets and embraces open standards and technologies as a matter of policy. The Agency builds, nurtures and sustains excellent industry relations both locally and internationally.


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